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I'm currently focused on creating maps of cycleways, footpaths and hiking paths in the state of Iowa.

Current projects:

Frytown Area (work in progress)

Frytown Area is a wooded public use area managed by the Johnson County Conservation Board. Make sure you are wearing blaze orange if you decide to wander around in here during hunting season.

Still need the central trails and some of the outliers, I'll guess I'm 55% done, but am not really sure.

Hickory Hill Park (work in progress)

Hickory Hill Park is a rather large park that is both wooded and prairie. People love to hike and run here.

Still need some of the West side, and far South trails; 80% done.

Willow Creek Trail (work in progress)

This trail runs through, and near Willow Creek Park.

I've recently gotten some help on this from an anonymous user; now known to be moonlightrose44.

10% done.

Recent projects:

Benton Hill Park

Benton Hill Park is a cute little park on the side of Benton Hill. There is a hiking trail up in a wooded area, and some foundation remnants of previous buildings to occupy this site. From the top of the hill, you can get a good view of the South side of town. Street parking is on the East side of Miller Ave.

Court Hill Trail

This new trail runs from Creekside Park on the West end, to Court Hill Park on the East, with a branch North to Friendship St. If you continue to the East, you can take sidewalks toward Scott Park

Ryerson's Woods Park

Ryerson's Woods Park is, as the name states, wooded. Not only that, but the park seems to either be in a hole (ravine) or on the slope of a hill; not the easiest place to get a good GPS signal. It took me at least 4 trips after the leaves had fallen to feel comfortable with my tracks to consider this one mapped. All the up and down can be great exercise though.

Sycamore Greenway Trail

Most of this trail is a paved track, running from approximately Burns Ave in the North, to the I.C. Kickers Soccer Park in the South. You should be warned that the gate at the soccer park is often locked outside of normal soccer events. Adjacent to the Southeast portion of the trail is an area of prairie and wetland that is owned by the city. Some (unofficially official?) trails have been cut into the prairie, and around some of the wetlands. Someone has been doing this for years if aerial photography is to be trusted. Regardless, you can see some nice waterfowl back here, but be warned that there are some "holes" in the trails (thank goodness for my bike helmet), and there is a band of area about N 41.6174 that might be wet or muddy.

Wetherby Park

A trail that is contained entirely within Wetherby Park. Flat, and open.