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To contact me, the fastest way is by sending an e-mail via the "E-mail this user" link on the left.

Mapping for OSM

A few months ago, my colleague showed me OSM. Now I have a Garmin Vista HCx GPS, I had nothing else to do than do some mapping for OSM (all right, I do have other stuff to do!). I shall focus myself on mapping the towns of Zevenaar and Duiven in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Recently Edited on OSM

Besides some minor corrections of the imported AND-data around the places I live, I contribute to OSM by doing some tracking on the GPS while cycling and with that data adding and changing the OSM. Some recent changes I made on OSM are listed below:

Pijnacker / Zoetermeer: Some cyclepaths were missing on OSM around the Balijbos area. Also the new cyclepath connecting the Katwijkerlaan that was just opened this week added to the database 20080825

Zevenaar: I have started to add the cyclepaths around and within Zevenaar. Seems that AND didn't had any in store for this city. I'll track the paths while on my bike, so it shall take some time to cover the paths. 20080824


  • Vierde Stationsstraat, Zoetermeer: De Driesprong and buslane restrictions.
  • Edelsteensingel, Zoetermeer: Cycleway on the north side to the 4e Stationsstraat.
  • Burg. Hoekstrapark, Zoetermeer: Some paths are incorrectly shown as pedestrian instead of cycleway.
  • Arnhemseweg, Zevenaar: Missing cycleway on both sides.
  • Methen, Zevenaar: Cycleway on east side.