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My real name is Erik Dick.

I do a lot of mountainbiking and started to do some hiking (now and then). When I bought myself a new Fully (Ghost AMR Lector 7700) I felt that I need some sort of tracking instrument. I owned already a Polar 720i but it would not allow me to record the ways that I took. So I thought about a GPS device. Ended up with the Colorado, since it is robust, has some sound community support and allows to combine with heart-rate and cadence monitor. Next natural step was to think about maps, that can be used with the device. There are many players on the market to provide maps for the Colorado: but I didn't feel comfortable with bying 'final' maps. That's when I started tinkering with OpenStreetMap.That was around around Q1/2008. Coincidence with a report of one of the leading german IT newspapers (c't) about OSM, which gave me helping hand to start tracking/mapping.

You might also find information about my outdoor/mapping activities here: [1]