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Nap44 has copied some of his contributions from other maps. Upon learning of this, I asked him to identify said contributions. A week later, he has not responded, and so I am reverting all of his edits, whether or not they are clearly wrong.

changeset summary status
6295988 (Visualise) Vinyards Blvd reverted
6295730 (Visualise) Vineyards reverted
6276852 (Visualise) Golden Gate reverted
6275534 (Visualise) Green reverted
6269117 (Visualise) Green reverted
6268927 (Visualise) Davis reverted
6268924 (Visualise) Davis Canal reverted
6268771 (Visualise) Parkside reverted
6267924 (Visualise) East Trail reverted
6255796 (Visualise) Treviso Bay reverted
6255307 (Visualise) Golf Coursre reverted
6222930 (Visualise) Golden gate main canal reverted
6219880 (Visualise) NGGE reverted
6208760 (Visualise) Naples Heritage reverted
6197186 (Visualise) Spreader Canal reverted
6185553 (Visualise) Marina Village reverted
6183781 (Visualise) Oil well road reverted
6159630 (Visualise) Oil well reverted
6147765 (Visualise) Basik reverted
6140620 (Visualise) Faka Union reverted
6136508 (Visualise) Boyne South reverted
6132292 (Visualise) Fiddlers reverted
6130491 (Visualise) Miller Canal reverted
6128900 (Visualise) Courthouse reverted
6119092 (Visualise) Fiddler reverted
6116391 (Visualise) Auto Ranch reverted
6116020 (Visualise) Fiddler reverted
6104005 (Visualise) Hammock Bay reverted
6101637 (Visualise) Gulfview reverted
6099327 (Visualise) Fiddler's creek reverted
6089167 (Visualise) Eagle Creek Plaza reverted
6085919 (Visualise) Eagle Creek reverted
6083381 (Visualise) Picayune reverted
6082379 (Visualise) 3rd Street reverted
6072705 (Visualise) North Trail reverted
6066679 (Visualise) 42 reverted
6059245 (Visualise) 12 reverted
6050123 (Visualise) TownCenter reverted
6040423 (Visualise) Pine Ridge reverted
6021797 (Visualise) Pine Ridge reverted
6006354 (Visualise) Livingston reverted
5992945 (Visualise) Livingston reverted
5989672 (Visualise) Forest Lakes reverted
5986680 (Visualise) NBTC reverted
5985908 (Visualise) BCHS reverted
5985829 (Visualise) Kensington reverted
5978091 (Visualise) Wyndmere reverted
5965990 (Visualise) Google reverted
5962260 (Visualise) Pelican Bay reverted
5961474 (Visualise) Clam Park reverted
5961252 (Visualise) Inner Clam Bay reverted
5957353 (Visualise) Moorings Park reverted
5954286 (Visualise) Wilderness reverted
5953749 (Visualise) Wilderness reverted
5953566 (Visualise) Wilderness reverted
5952976 (Visualise) 2 reverted
5952764 (Visualise) 1 reverted
5946521 (Visualise) Royal Poinciana reverted
5943158 (Visualise) Bayfront reverted
5937054 (Visualise) Dwon toen reverted
5931863 (Visualise) Haldman Creek reverted
5930756 (Visualise) Sugden reverted
5930667 (Visualise) EN Park reverted
5929275 (Visualise) Bears Paw reverted
5928713 (Visualise) Bears Paw reverted
5923745 (Visualise) Naples Heritage reverted
5921302 (Visualise) 951 Canal reverted
5920855 (Visualise) Cedar Hammock reverted
5919994 (Visualise) Riviera reverted
5915092 (Visualise) COuntryside reverted
5912908 (Visualise) Glen Eagle reverted
5907915 (Visualise) Flamingo reverted
5906927 (Visualise) Lely Resort reverted
5904795 (Visualise) Keewaydin reverted
5904769 (Visualise) Keewaydin Park reverted
5903704 (Visualise) Laqkewood reverted
5895192 (Visualise) Rookery Bay reverted
5885950 (Visualise) Rookery Bay reverted
5874965 (Visualise) Rookery reverted
5864078 (Visualise) Rookery Bay reverted
5858278 (Visualise) Lely Lakes reverted
5854292 (Visualise) Lely Lakes reverted
5854289 (Visualise) Lely Lakes reverted
5849888 (Visualise) Lely Lakes reverted
5848445 (Visualise) Lely Shores reverted
5846569 (Visualise) Lely Lakes reverted
5736806 (Visualise) Hamilton Harbor reverted
5718117 (Visualise) Sports Park reverted
5703426 (Visualise) Treviso Bay reverted
5693969 (Visualise) Fiddlers Creek reverted
5690002 (Visualise) The Lnadings reverted
5681428 (Visualise) Discovery Point reverted
5681162 (Visualise) Shores at Discovery Point reverted
5679365 (Visualise) Discovery reverted
5679108 (Visualise) South Naples reverted
5674647 (Visualise) Verona Walk reverted
5673798 (Visualise) Veronawalk reverted
5670055 (Visualise) Naples reverted
5666873 (Visualise) South Blocks reverted
5661542 (Visualise) Belle Meade reverted
5658434 (Visualise) Moon Lake reverted
5526695 (Visualise) Classics at lely resort reverted
5522469 (Visualise) Romano reverted
5522311 (Visualise) Lely reverted
5418600 (Visualise) Florida Sports Park reverted
5418460 (Visualise) Florida sports park road not a road reverted
5418143 (Visualise) (none) reverted