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Hi, I live in Leuven, Belgium and recently aquired a TomTom Rider to mount on my motorcycle. I found out about OpenStreetMap on july 9, 2007 through an article on the RSS feed.

Currently, I'm considering which gpx logger to add to my TomTom Rider by following the pointers in sections GPS_Reviews#Tom_Tom and TomTom.

My main area's of attention would be the area west of Leuven (Bertem), the area near Haasrode Research Park at the east side of Leuven and probably some roads between Leuven, Aarschot and Lier.

For those (fellow bikers) interested, my motorcycle is a Honda SevenFifty. Sadly enough, the bike doesn't maintain it's own website (yet). ;)

Feb '08

A while ago, OSM user Hanno published an article on his blog explaining how Gentoo can be made OSM-ready. Last week I finally had the chance to try things out myself and since I'm a happy user of Josm and Gebabbel/gpsbabel. If any other Gentoo user reads this, go and try it out yourself!