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I've been editting since about Nov 2007 -- concentrating on areas around Basingstoke, Newbury, Tadley, Pamber Heath and Kingsclere.


At the moment I'm collecting GPS data using a Sony-Ericsson W810i phone and a SIRF III bluetooth GPS (from Maplin). The software that I'm using on the phone to gather the data is a Java midlet called TrailExplorer -- I'm also using the TrekBuddy Java midlet as a fun way to review areas when travelling.

I'm also using Wellington boots (galoshes) for mapping footpaths and bridleways.

Previous equipment

In the past, I've collected data using a BGT-11 GPS unit while using the W810i to take photos of street signs, etc. -- unfortunately the BGT-11 seems to have suffered some irreparable injury (possibly from falling off of the car dash),


The BGT-11 is obviously waterproof while the phone and GPS receiver combo' aren't -- a fact that you only fully appreciate when you are caught in a downpour. However, recent experience has shown that the phone and GPS receiver combo can survive a short-term immersion in water/mud.

When using TrailExplorer on the phone, you can't readily take photos of street signs, etc. The SIRF III receiver seems to receive a location better (especially in built up areas) but seems to generate less data points -- even when the TrailExplorer settings are "tweaked" as much as possible.

However, because the phone allows SMS style input, it is easy to add numerous descriptive waypoints which compensates somewhat for the lack of photos. Plus the screen is colour and a higher resolution than the BGT-11.

I guess a good combination would be to combine the phone and use the bluetooth function on a BGT-11 -- so that the phone could be used to take photos, and also to run TrekBuddy to identify missing streets and other features .