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2011-2012 Election Manifesto

Background: I've been involved in OSM approaching 3 years now. I participated in the original series of organizing conference calls for OSM US, served as Secretary of the temporary board, and am currently serving as Vice President of the first board of the organization.

This manifesto is based on my thinking about what has worked and what hasn't over the past 2 years, from my perspective, and from lessons learned from other volunteer organizations to which i belong, or have belonged to in the past.

we need to support efforts to advance the US map. lots of good has been done, but there is still much to do. innovative thinking is required here, as active mappers in the US are trickling in at best.

we were most effective when we had regularly scheduled conference calls, with the time/date/conference number published on the wiki. we need to return to that.

we need to establish goals, establish stable funding, and make sure that those are in sync with each other. there are lots of cool things we can do, but we cannot be in a mode of staggering from one major donation to the next, with unpredictable intervals. the mapquest donation this year was great, but we don't know when there will be another, or what size that might be.