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Hi, after hours of searching the web, reading how-tos and trying on my own, I finally came to the conclusion, that I have to do this tutorial...

I just wanted to have the mapnik-toolchain on my windows pc, rendering some (larger) areas with a custom style. I tried some Applications, but it was not what I wanted.. So most of the tutorials were for linux distributions and I didn't want to waste hours hacking commands in the shell.

First, I want to thank User:Ajoessen for his great how-to! I never would have succeded without it.

Next: This how-to is for people, who want to create some tiles on their machines. I do not recommend this for a production-environment or internet-servers! The configuration might not be the fast or best, it worked for me, and if you know, how I can improve this config, please let me know.


Windows Xp or Windows 7
At least 2GB RAM
Harddisk: Depends on how large your rendered area is and how many zoom-levels you want. The more free space the better..

We will use (and install):
Python 2.7.3
PostgreSQL v9.1
postgis v1.5
mapnik v2.0.1rc0

Please Note: There are newer versions of some components available, but due to some 
changes these versions need large changes in the configuration and 
will not work with this how-to!


Download these two, install it in the default location (c:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32)

PostgreSQL Download PostgreSQL 9.1.5 Win x86-32
During the installation use this values:
User Name: postgres
Password: osm
Port: 5432
Database Name: postgis
Choose to launch StackBuilder on exit.

Stack Builder

Select the server you created. In the following list enable PostGIS 1.5 for PostgreSQL unter Spatial Extensions and press next. Install it in the default directory (c:\[..]\PostgreSQL\9.1\).


Install in C:\Python27 as given per default.


Extract it EXACTLY in c:\mapnik-2.0.1rc0\ or mapnik won't find the plugins


with this script, the following files are being downloaded and installed. You do not need to download them manually!