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Hi - I'm also known as Tallguy -

You've stumbled across the ramblings of a cycling mapper from Swanley in Kent, UK. I discovered OSM in March 2008 & became quickly engrossed. OSM has become my favourite hobby, & my wife & I now find that mapping is part of our objectives when on one of our trips away from home.

I now cycle on a recumbent trike & survey using a mobile phone, which is vastly different to the palm pilot and blue-tooth gps that I started with.

I'm heavily involved in the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and help to update If you've got the time, check out my OSM diary entry on my trip to Sierra Leone, helping to train local volunteers in surveying & updating OpenStreetMap. Many people will have met me at a mapathon in London, where I am one of the instructors for