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I like my running computer Garmin Forerunner 305. It has a GPS Interface but there is for my purposes no useful Software for Linux out there in the world.

Now I wrote some scripts with php and bash to get off the Tracks from the Garmin. After that the track will be shown on the OSM on Screen. With Overlays you can click the Track on every position to get the current values like heartbeat and speed.

By the way: this script also works without changes with my Garmin Legend HCx and surely with a lot of other Garmins too.

There is a live example and a Screenshot:


Download: garmin2osmv090430.tar.gz

Installation. File README


Lizenz: GPL

Garmintracks and more with Linux directly as a track with POIs to OSM:

I did not found useful tools under Linux to analyse the Tracks from the Garmin Forerunner 305 and my Garmin Etrex Legend HCx.
After read out the Tracks has to be shown as a track with POIs (like heartbeat and speed) on a OSM.

This Tool is written in bash and php and reads the garmin with gpsbabel and creates a Webpage including Prepicture, Summary and a GPX-Track with POIs.


- you need: php5, gbsbabel, php5-gd
- Deactivate the garmin_gps-kernel-modul. Look at
- extract the tar: tar xvzf garmin2osmv....tar.gz
- cd garmin2osm

Make a Test. Connect your garmin to your computer and type
gpsbabel -t -i garmin -f usb:0 -o kml -F input/garmin.kml

If the input/garmin.kml was created without error messages then everything works fine :-)

Then start the script:
./ (or "sh")

Perhaps you have to adjust the script above.

Now look at the result:
firefox index.html

Have fun and success!


-- Are php5 and php-gd installed?
-- gpsbabel: sometimes the first run was not successful. Try it again.
-- Do you have an Internet-Connection to see the OSM?

--Nitrox9 13:22, 30 April 2009 (UTC)