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About me

Living and working in Strömstad, Sweden. Joined this wiki in january 2014. I´m working in the local municipality with comprehensive aerial planning. Collecting GPS-tracks in spare time with my phone Sony Experia Z, or with my Bad Elf Pro for Ipad/Iphone.


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Through my work I have access to very high resolution aerial photos, which I´m free to use for OSM. Most of the coastline today are from PGS and have very poor geometry. Some islands aren´t even shown as being separate islands.

Have started a work using aerial photos to improve the coastline for the northern coast in Bohuslän from Norway to Resö. Have also been in contact with a few friends living nearby, we´re trying to start a local group. - The map for northern Bohuslän needs improvement! As, soon as we have a decent background map we´re aiming to add info about locations for different outdoor activitities, such as nice places to stay for canoeing.