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I'm an engineering student from UVa with a passion for crowdsourced projects. My primary role in OSM is doing something most US editors hate doing: TIGER fix up of suburban and rural areas. I also do on the ground POI edits and a few traces. I am best known for fixing/editting the entire South Myrtle Beach and Pawleys Island area, my work on Clarksburg, WV, and my work on Greenville, NC. I also have done large swathes of coastal SC, middle NC, and many small towns in WV. Occasionally, I do projects such as zoos, gardens, parks, hospital grounds, school grounds, or university grounds. I also use KeepRight to do map validation on my second account, Omnific2.

I am the second place winner of the summer 2014 OSM editing contest.

Currently, I am looking to learn importing; specifically, Mecklenburg County in North Carolina, due to its open data policy. Read more at If you have any advice/want to talk about this, please send me a message on OSM.