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OSM Routing Software (25 Jun 07)

On Friday 24 June 2007 I shared a video demonstrating my OSM routing solution. Video 1

I followed this up with a reviewed demo video on the Saturday. Video 2

The software can at this stage:

- Provide an optimal route between two named places. (ie named nodes)
- Display your live GPS position
- Provide an optimal route between your GPS position and a named place.
- Show a GPS track
- Work completely offline (using cached images)


- Python
- PyQT
- SQLite
- GPSD (this is the only non-cross-platform tool, all non-GPS parts are cross platform)

This software is very much at proof of concept stage (ie. Its internals are very messy, and there is no real GUI other than the map window)

Also whilst the second video is much faster than the first, they both use a very small database and the data in the demo area is also quite sparse. (ie. Speed is an issue)

I don't know when I'll get around to releasing the code/software, probably when Australia has been completely mapped and it becomes useful to me :)