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OSM Username: Oryx

Currently working on the Madison area. More specifically, I'm focused on getting the Madison Metro bus stops added to the map. In addition, I'm also trying to get some things done here on the wiki. So far, that has entailed:

Tags I'm Currently Using for Madison Metro Bus Stops

Personally, I feel there are really only three tags that should be entered as a minimum set to identify the bus stop:

  • highway=bus_stop
  • shelter=yes/no
  • source=whatever
Usually survey. I've been using data from Madison Metro and my own outings.

Some other tags I'm using:

  • bearing=Northbound/Southbound/Westbound/Eastbound
Of course, this should also be apparent from the side of the street the bus stop has been placed on.
  • bench=yes/no
  • class=minor/major
This can be determined with data from the Madison Metro site.
  • id_number=the ID number identifying the stop.
These are on the signs at the stop or the Madison Metro website.
  • name=an identifier
I've been using data from Madison Metro for this as well. An example of the format: "HIGH PT & SAUK CREEK Richmond H"
  • routes=bus routes that service the stop