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Standard is the default tile layer which is first selected on the homepage.

Example of the Standard tile layer


It follows a rundown of the area colors, symbols and lines which are used on the Standard layer.


Single symbols denote several kinds of points of interest or describe a larger area. If the map feature in question has a name, it is written below the symbol most of the time, in the same color of the symbol.

Symbol Description Wiki page


Bar-16.svg Bar amenity=bar
Cafe-16.svg Cafe amenity=cafe
Restaurant-16.svg Restaurant (except fast food) or food court amenity=restaurant, amenity=food_court
Fast-food-16.svg Fast food restaurant or snack bar or sandwich bar or similar amenity=fast_food
Biergarten-16.svg Biergarten (traditional sense) amenity=biergarten
Drinking-water-16.svg Drinking water amenity=drinking_water
Pub-16.svg Pub amenity=pub

Culture, entertainment and arts

Library.p.20.png Library amenity=library
Cinema-16.svg Cinema amenity=cinema
Theatre-16.svg Theatre amenity=theatre
Museum-16.svg Museum tourism=museum
Archaeological-site-16.svg Place in which objects of historic interest are preserved historic=archaeological_site
Memorial-16.svg Memorial (usually small ones) historic=memorial
Nightclub-16.svg Nightclub amenity=nightclub

Leisure, recreation and sports

Playground-16.svg Playground leisure=playground
Golf-icon.svg Golf course leisure=golf_course
Miniature golf.svg Miniature golf course leisure=miniature_golf
Water park.p.20.png Water park leisure=water_park
Transport slipway.p.20.png Slipway for boats leisure=slipway

Waste management

Recycling-16.svg Recycling container or recycling centre amenity=recycling
Toilets-16.svg Public toilets amenity=toilets


Table-16.svg Picnic site or picnic table tourism=picnic_site, leisure=picnic_table
Drinking-water-16.svg Drinking water, bubbler, drinking fountain amenity=drinking_water
Camping-16.svg Campsite, campground tourism=camp_site
Caravan-16.svg Caravan site, caravan park, RV park tourism=caravan_site
Shelter2.p.16.png Shelter (i.e. weather shelter) amenity=shelter

Tourism and accommodation

Information.p.16.png Point of information, such as a tourist information office, informational board, map board, etc. tourism=information
View point.p.16.png Viewpoint tourism=viewpoint
Alpinehut.p.16.png Alpine hut tourism=alpine_hut
Chalet.p.16.png Chalet (Detached cottages with self-contained cooking/bathroom/toilet facilities) tourism=chalet
Guest house.p.16.png Guest house tourism=guest_house
Hostel.p.20.png Hostel tourism=hostel
File:Hotel2.p.20.png Hotel tourism=hotel
Motel-16.svg Motel tourism=motel


Atm-16.svg ATM or cash point amenity=atm
Bank-16.svg Bank amenity=bank


Dentist-16.svg Dentist amenity=dentist
Doctor-16.svg Doctor's practice or surgery amenity=doctors
Hospital-16.svg Hospital amenity=hospital
Pharmacy-16.svg Pharmacy amenity=pharmacy


Power-tower mapnik.png Electricity pylon power=tower
Power tower small.svg Small electricity pole power=pole


Post box.png Post box amenity=post_box
Amenity-post office.png Post office amenity=post_office
Telephone.p.16.png Public telephone amenity=telephone
Mast-communications-16.svg Mast for communication purposes man_made=mast

Miscellaneous public services

Fire-station-16.svg Fire station amenity=fire_station


Rental-bicycle-16.svg Rent a bicycle amenity=bicycle_rental
Rental-car-16.svg Rent a car amenity=car_rental
Car share.p.16.png Car sharing amenity=car_sharing
Parking-16.svg Car parking lot or other facility to park cars amenity=parking
Fuel-16.svg Gas station or petrol station or similar amenity=fuel
Bus station.n.16.png Bus station amenity=bus_station
Bus-stop-12.svg Bus stop highway=bus_stop
Rendering-railway-tram stop-mapnik.png.png Railway station, railway stop point or tram stop point railway=station, railway=halt, railway=tram_stop
Subway entrance.png Subway entrance railway=subway_entrance
Lighthouse-16.svg Lighthouse man_made=lighthouse
Aerodrome.svg Airport aeroway=aerodrome
Standard icon helipad.svg Helipad aeroway=helipad

Road features

OSB traffic signals.svg Traffic lights highway=traffic_signals
Highway mini roundabout.svg Mini roundabout highway=mini_roundabout
Barrier gate.svg Gate barrier=gate
Liftgate.png Lift gate barrier=lift_gate
Rendering-barrier-bollard.png Bollard or large block barrier=bollard, barrier=block
Rendering-railway-level crossing-mapnik.png Railway crossing railway=level_crossing,


OSB Peak.png Peak, summit, etc. natural=peak
Volcano 10.png Volcano natural=volcano
Saddle.png Topographic saddle natural=saddle
Cave-entrance-mapnik.png Cave entrance natural=cave_entrance
Spring.p.5.png Spring natural=spring
Tree-16.svg Tree natural=tree

Governmental institutions

Town-hall-16.svg Townhall amenity=townhall
Police-16.svg Police station amenity=police
Prison-16.svg Prison amenity=prison
Courthouse-16.svg Court house amenity=courthouse
Embassy-16.svg Embassy amenity=embassy

Religious place

Christian-16.svg Christian (except Jehovah's Witnesses) religion=christian
Jewish-16.svg Jewish religion=jewish
Muslim-16.svg Muslim religion=muslim
Taoist-16.svg Taoist religion=taoist
Hinduist-16.svg Hindu religion=hindu
Buddhist-16.svg Buddhist religion=buddhist
Shintoist-16.svg Shinto religion=shinto
Sikhist-16.svg Sikh religion=sikh
Place-of-worship-16.svg Unspecified or other religion religion=*

Shops and services

Bakery-16.svg Bakery shop=bakery
Butcher-shop.png Butcher shop=butcher
Shop convenience.p.16.png Convenience store shop=convenience
Shop supermarket.p.16.png Supermarket shop=supermarket
Department store.p.16.png Department store shop=department_store
Books-16.svg Book store shop=books
Clothes-16.svg Clothes shop or fashion shop shop=clothes, shop=fashion
Florist-16.svg Florist, sells primarily cut flowers shop=florist
Pet-16.svg Pet shop shop=pet
Bicycle-16.svg Bicycle shop shop=bicycle
Doityourself-16.svg Do-It-Yourself-store shop=doityourself
Purple-car.svg Car store shop=car
Repair-car-16.svg Car repair service shop=car_repair
Hairdresser-16.svg Hairdresser shop and/or barbers shop shop=hairdresser
Shop-other-16.svg Other or unspecified shop shop=*

Miscellaneous human artifacts

Rendering-man made-windmill-mapnik.png Windmill man_made=windmill
Tower water.p.20.png Water tower man_made=water_tower



In OpenStreetMap, the major roads of a road network are sorted on an importance scale, from motorway to quaternary road.

Symbol Description Wiki page
Major roads
Rendering-highway motorway neutral.png Motorway, the most important roads in a road network. Equivalent to freeway, Autobahn (Germany), etc. highway=motorway
Rendering-highway trunk L3005 MF.png Trunks, the most important roads in a road network that aren't motorways. highway=trunk
Rendering-highway primary neutral.png Primary road highway=primary
Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png Secondary road highway=secondary
Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png Tertiary road highway=tertiary
Rendering-highway unclassified.png Quaternary road highway=unclassified
City roads
Rendering-highway residential.png Residential road highway=residential
Rendering-highway service.png Access road (may be also outside of a city) highway=service
Living street osm.png Living street highway=living_street
Pedestrian with area osm.png Pedestrian street highway=pedestrian
Roads and ways for non-motorized vehicles
Rendering-highway bridleway.png Bridleway highway=bridleway
Cycleway osm.png Cycleway highway=cycleway
Rendering-highway footway.png Footway highway=footway
Path osm.png Non-specific path, could be footway, cycleway or bridleway. highway=path
Rendering-highway steps.png
Steps highway=steps
Agricultural and/or forestry roads
Mapnik-tracktype-grade1.png Track. Solid surface. highway=track
Mapnik-tracktype-grade2.png Track. Mostly solid surface. highway=track
Mapnik-tracktype-grade3.png Track. Even amount of solid and soft materials. highway=track
Mapnik-tracktype-grade4.png Track. Mostly soft surface. highway=track
Mapnik-tracktype-grade5.png Track. Soft surface. highway=track
Mapnik-tracktype-not-set.png Track with unknown surface type. highway=track
no tracktype=*
Miscellaneous roads
Rendering-highway-raceway-mapnik.png Raceway highway=raceway
Rendering-highway-road-mapnik.png A road/path/street of unknown road type which has not been surveyed yet. highway=road


Drawing Description Wiki page
Railway=rail.png Railway for full-sized passenger trains railway=rail
Rendering narrow gauge.jpg Narrow gauge railway railway=narrow_gauge
Mapping-Features-Tram-With-Halt.png Tram railway railway=tram
Railway preserved rendered.PNG Preserved railway railway=preserved
Rendering funicular.jpg Cable-driven inclined railway railway=funicular
Mini-railway-mapnik.png Miniature railway railway=miniature
Rendering-railway disused.png Disused railway railway=disused


To be written.


To be written.


To be written.


To be written.


Areas in the Standard tile layer denote various different things, from land usage to buildings to restricted access zones.

A few areas may be drawn as a overlay. This means they can be combined with another background. For example, wetland can be combined with forest, grassland, etc.

Area Symbol Description Overlay? Wiki page


Base layer land.png (no symbol) Land (This is only shown when no more specific information is available) No
Base layer water.png (no symbol) Body of water (ocean, sea, pond, river, swimming pool, etc.) No natural=water, leisure=swimming_pool
Rendering-area-natural-wood.png (no symbol) Natural woodland which is mostly or not at all not used for timber production No natural=wood
Natural-Grassland.png (no symbol) Natural grassland No natural=grassland
Rendering-area-natural-scrub.png (no symbol) Bushes and small trees No natural=scrub
Rendering-area-natural-heath-yellow.png (no symbol) Dwarf scrubs No natural=heath
Rendering-area-sand.png (no symbol) Sand which is not part of a beach No natural=sand
Rendering-area-natural-beach.png (no symbol) Beach No natural=beach
Bare rock.png (no symbol) Bare rock surface No natural=bare_rock
Scree render.png (no symbol) Scree or shingle No natural=scree, natural=shingle
Rendering-area-natural-marsh-osmarender.png (no symbol) Wetland Yes natural=wetland
Area natural=glacier.png (no symbol) Glacier No natural=glacier

City planning

Rendering-area-landuse-residential.png (no symbol) Residential area No landuse=residential
Landuse-commercial.png (no symbol) Commercial area or business park (predominantly offices) No landuse=commercial
Landuse-retail.png (no symbol) Retail area (predominantly shops) No landuse=retail
Landuse-industrial.png (no symbol) Industrial area or area for railway usage No landuse=industrial,
Landuse cemetery christian.png (no symbol) Christian cemetery or grave yard No landuse=cemetery / amenity=grave_yard
+ religion=christian
Landuse cemetery jewish.png (no symbol) Jewish cemetery or grave yard No landuse=cemetery / amenity=grave_yard
+ religion=jewish
Landuse-cemetery.png (no symbol) Cemetery or grave yard with unknown, other or no specific religious background No landuse=cemetery / amenity=grave_yard
Landuse-brownfield.png (no symbol) Brownfield, construction yard or landfill No landuse=brownfield


Area building=yes.png (no symbol) Non-specific building No building=*
Area aeroway=terminal.png (no symbol) Airport terminal No aeroway=terminal


Area parking.png [[#Area_parking|Parking-16.svg]] Car parking lot No amenity=parking
Osmarender-apron.png (no symbol) Apron No aeroway=apron

Agriculture and industry

Rendering-landuse-farm-mapnik.png (no symbol) Farmland No landuse=farm
Rendering-area-landuse farmyard-mapnik.png (no symbol) Farmyard No landuse=farmyard
Landuse-allotments.png (no symbol) Allotments No landuse=allotments
Orchard.png (no symbol) Orchard No landuse=orchard
Landuse-forest.png (no symbol) Managed forest No landuse=forest
Landuse-vineyard.png (no symbol) Vineyard No landuse=vineyard
Rendering-landuse-quarry-mapnik.png (no symbol) Quarry No landuse=quarry


Area power.png (no symbol) Power substation or generator No power=substation,

Leisure and recreation

Rendering-area-leisure-park.png (no symbol) Park No leisure=park
Mapnik landuse grass .png (no symbol) One of the following: (managed) Grassland, (managed) meadow, recreation ground (non-specific), village green or botanical garden No landuse=grass,
Area tourism=zoo.png (no symbol) Zoo No tourism=zoo
Area leisure=playground.png [[#Area leisure=playground|Playground-16.svg]] Playground No leisure=playground
Area tourism=attraction.png (no symbol) Tourist attraction No tourism=attraction


Rendering-area-leisure-sports centre.png (no symbol) Sports centre or stadium (just the area, not the buildings!) No leisure=sports_centre, leisure=stadium
Rendering-area-leisure-pitch.png (no symbol) Sports pitch, i.e. soccer field, basketball field, etc. No leisure=pitch
Area leisure=track.png (no symbol) Running track No leisure=track
Area golf minigolf.png [[#Area_golf_minigolf|Golf-icon.svg]] Golf course No leisure=golf_course
Area golf minigolf.png [[#Area_golf_minigolf|Miniature golf.svg]] Miniature golf course No leisure=miniature_golf

Institutional areas

Area amenity=school.png (no symbol) Area which belongs to a kindergarten, college, school or university No amenity=school,
Area amenity=school.png [[#Area_amenity=school|Hospital-16.svg]] Area which belongs to a hospital No amenity=hospital
Area amenity=prison.png [[#Area_amenity=prison|Prison-16.svg]] Prison ground Yes amenity=prison
Area amenity=place of worship.png Christian-16.svg Muslim-16.svg Jewish-16.svg

Taoist-16.svg Buddhist-16.svg Hinduist-16.svg Shintoist-16.svg Sikhist-16.svg Place-of-worship-16.svg

Place of worship where religious practices are held, i.e. church, synagogue, mosque, temple. Note that this is not neccessarily limited to a building. No amenity=place_of_worship


Rendering-landuse-military-mapnik.png (no symbol) Land used by the military. Yes landuse=military
Area military equals danger area.png (no symbol) A military zone which has been be declared to be dangerous for some reaon (i.e. a firing range, bombing range, etc.). No landuse=military

Technical details

The Standard map tiles are rendered using Mapnik. The Standard style is sometimes referred to as Mapnik, but this is confusing as Mapnik is also used for rendering many other map styles.

CartoCSS is used in to pre-process the stylesheet into Mapnik XML format (since August 2013).

The "openstreetmap-carto" CartoCSS stylesheet is maintained at Bug reports (e.g. rendering problems of specific object classes) can be raised there (needs a login with a account).

If using the Standard tiles in other application, you must follow the Tile usage policy.