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Parveen Arora is a Contributer, Data Collector and Developer of OpenStreet Map. Recently selected in the Google Summer of Code 2011 with OpenStreetMap Organisation to develop the Fast Track Deployment of Customised OSM Tile Server I am Student Pursuing my becholers degree from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana.Map of College


Gill Mapping

I was the Member of Gill Mapping, "Gill" is the first village of India to be Mapped Digitally. Gill village is Located in Punjab's District Ludhiana, India. This was a very successful event, The map made has been also listed in the best of OSM Gill Village

Uggi Mapping

I have also mapped my own village Uggi with the help of his friend. Uggi Village is Located in Punjab's District Jaandhar, India Uggi Village My blog for mapping my own village can also be found here.Uggi Map

Shimla Puri Mapping

I had organised a "Mapping Party" and was the team leader, this was the two days event. This was included with mapping of city area and 3 villages near to that. The specialty of this even was that we have called upon students from different areas to participate so that instead of just mapping and learning how to map they could also map their own area and would be able to create awareness about this. You can have more look about it at the following link. ShimlaPuri Mapping

Fazilka Mapping

Well this was the first time when we organised a Mapping Event to map annother city named Fazilka. Fazilka is the newly made city and it was not having any single point on the openstreetmap. We are called upon there to the mapping of the city. It was really fun in mapping this city. Fazilka Mapping

Google Summer of Code

Since I have been working on OpenStreetMap from last two years, I decided to submit a proposal Fast Track Deployment of OSM Tile Server GSoC-2011 with OpenSteetMap.

I have been selected and Graham Jones and H.S Rai is mentoring me in my project.


at the early design stage. It will be one complete package that will automatically install all the components required to set up your own customised server which will update automatically with sync. of OpenStreetMap data for an area specified by implementor, It will also suggest him/her and will also give a option to choose default options i.e weekly bases , with easy user interface and browser based customisation of Map Style, adding of Icons, local language and additional search feature.

OpenStreet Map Server for Punjab

Openstreet Map Server of Punjab is the first Digital map server of the Punjab on the OpenStreetMap. We are have set up this server firstly for experimental purposes and we are working with the map of Ludhiana City. Working to improve it's functionality and uses.

You can have a look at my work done at the following link.

Search Functionality

This map includes more functionality for its usability i.e. Search Functionality: it searches everything for ludhiana, Lets to say if some one wants to search for schools, colleges, Hospitals Specially in Ludhiana.

Distance Measurement:

This map Specially measures exact distance from one place to another.