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What do tags on roads with a for example cycleway=track or cycleway=lane mean?

Reason for starting this wiki

The cycleway= * wiki is pretty clear on how to tag attributes that belong to the cycleway when a cycleway=track or cycleway=lane is used. This is done by using the namespace: cycleway. Example: cycleway:surface=aspalt. The reason why this new wiki was made lies in a discussion we had on the bicycle=use_sidepath wiki. The issue was this: There is a road tagged with cycleway=track. When this road is also tagged with a bicycle=no (or bicycle=use_sidepath) is this OK or is this a error? Two visions on the matter:

1. It is OK because the bicycle=no applies to the main road only. There is no cycleway namespace.
2. It is an error because a cycleway=track implies that cycling is not forbidden so bicycle=no is wrong.

So what is the best way of tagging then?

The question is: What does a tag mean when there is no cycleway namespace? Does this tag apply just to the main road? What does width=7 mean? Does this include the lanes (in case of cycleway=lane)? And should we distinguish between track and lane? If so how? Will this way of tagging be simple enough for all to understand? How about mappers that are nog bicycle minded? Will they still understand?

Is tagging for cycleway=track & cycleway=lane the same principle?

Many cyclist see a difference between cycleway=track and cycleway=lane.

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Cycleway=lane and using the lanes sufix

There is a way to express width. Example : width:lanes=2.75|2.75|3.25 . This bla bla bla.