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Hiker Penegal
is a hiker.

I'm a French forest ranger, and, as a consequence, have a deep interest in mapping forests, with all their elements: waterways, amenities as picnic tables, viewpoints, tracks and so on; I particularly like to map local interest features to allow people to discover the area by themselves. Situations like "Hey, OSM tells me that there is a bench at a viewpoint 100m ahead, let's sit there and admire the landscape!" are what I try to help happening. In a previous life, I was some sort of a geek, which allows me to follow somewhat technical conversations about programming and computer code.

I contributed for years, and try to improve whatever I like, mainly:

  • forests
  • power networks
  • addresses
  • highways
  • waterways…

I like order where I feel it useful: I try to solve discrepancies, to have data follow guidelines, and to have tagging practices whose logic follows the reality, while matching OSM principles. According the infinite variations of reality and tagging principles can be a hard work, but it's worth it, as it eases the use of OSM and encourages its use over commercial solutions.