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This account will primarily be used to upload older shapefiles from 1997 planimetrics data of Peoria County, Illinois. This data is freely available because of the caducity and decrepitude of the data. From the County's website:

 This data will be provided freely because it has reached the end of it's useful lifecycle for PeoriaGIS Members. 
 However it still has potential cartographic and historical usefulness. Please know that Peoria County, PeoriaGIS 
 or it's members make no warranties, express or implied, as to the use of the Data. The burden for determining 
 accuracy, completeness, timeliness, merchantability and fitness for, or the appropriateness for use, rests solely 
 on the requester.

Possible information to be extracted from the data includes building outlines, vegetation data, water, recreation, road polygons (if supported in the future), and sidewalk polygons.

Data Source/Accuracy

The data uploaded is from the Peoria County Government. The data was current when it was first produced but has since been discontinued. The data sources should provide a useful cartographic base, and as such, only minor edits will likely need to be made in OpenStreetMap in order to bring the data up to date from 1997.

Importing Process

  • Original data sources downloaded from Peoria County
  • Projection adjustment via QGIS
  • Node and way tagging via JOSM
  • Uploading via JOSM in small amounts per changeset (less than 50,000 objects)

Data Translation to OSM

Building Outlines

  • Original tag properties:
    • BUILDING_T: type of building
      • 1: Residential home
      • 2: Commercial, industrial, or large building
      • 3: Government or public building (includes schools)
      • 4: Detached garage
      • 5: Mobile home
      • 6: Maintenance (?)
      • 7: Construction
      • 8: Inner polygon (courtyard)
      • 9: Dock
  • New tag properties (conforming to OSM):
    • building = yes


  • Building Outlines: City of Peoria, Chillicothe Township (part), Medina Township, Radnor Township, Kickapoo Township, Richwoods Township, Limestone Township (part), West Peoria Township
  • Vegetation: County-wide

Example Data


  • 23 June 2010 - Test data imported
  • 4 July 2010 - Building outline data complete
  • 5 July 2010 - Vegetation data started