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Hi, I'm peron.

Just thought I'd try to contribute to this site and to the OSM project.

However, I'm still trying to find (free) software that I can use. Some of the software from the Beginners Guide will not install or run correctly on my phone. (See below.)


HTC Artemis P3300

  • Windows Mobile 5
  • Built in GPS receiver.

Software (tried)

  • bbTracker will not install.
  • OSMtracker Installs and starts OK. But no GPS data, and program navigation is slow/hangs for periods of times.
  • BSGPSPDA hangs PDA. Not even soft shutdown works. Only removing the battery works.
  • Noni GPSPlot Was easy to install. Program navigation is fast. Very quickly got a GPS fix (Luck? My TomTom software I've been using since june 2007 has never gotten a fix that quickly!) Thanks to Longbow4u who directed me to this software, so I didn't have to go through the whole list.