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I am Philip John from Lichfield, England. You can find me via

My background

I started playing around with the web when I got my first computer at around 13 years old, creating web sites and teaching myself how they're put together. I've always been a web developer, progressing to PHP as my main programming language and I now work freelance specialising in WordPress development.

I live in and work in Lichfield where I also help to run hyperlocal news site, Lichfield Live. My work mainly consists of local and national government with some local companies in the mix too.


I am a big fan of the hyperlocal movement and Journal Local is my effort to further the success of such sites. Part of this includes building on third party tools and services to give site owners the power to create really useful content for their readers.


I'm also a bit of an open data fan. I believe in making public information freely available and hope to use data to provide tools to hyperlocal sites.


I've bagged myself a HTC Desire HD and was pointed to some OSM apps by Andy Mabbett so I hope to attend Mappa Mercia meetings and help map my little city!