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Thetford Forest

I ride a mountain bike around Thetford Forest. Two maps I use are:

* OpenMtbMap on my Garmin Dakota 20 GPS.
* A custom Osmarender of the Thetford Forest area. 

Tagging in Thetford Forest for Mountain Bike routes

Singletrack not yet surveyed or put in by other users is typically tagged:


Singletrack that is interesting to ride:

highway=path; mtb:scale=1;

Singletrack that has gone AWOL usually due to falling out of use, or due to logging operations, I leave the way in place but tagged:

highway=path; abandoned=yes

Logging operation areas

Where there has been recent logging activity, the works can cause trails to disappear under debris and make them impossible to ride. I mark those ways with abandoned=yes. Recently I have started to mark logging areas.

Where logging areas are only a subset of an entire tree block, I create an inner area.

I tag logged areas as follows (subject to change and not well defined):

area=yes; barrier=log

This renders in Mapnik as a simple black line around the perimiter of the area.

There is mention of tagging felled or thinned areas using clearcut_year or chop_year in: Talk:Tag:landuse=forest#year_chopped