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Highway cleanup Indianapolis

  • Tag highway=motorway/trunk/primary/secondary/tertiary on all relevant roads in Marion county and leading out of Marion county into the eight surrounding counties
    • I may not be sufficiently familiar to tag teriary roads on the south and east side of town
  • Place proper bridge ways for motorway separations
  • Tag ref on all numbered routes in Marion county or leading out of it
  • Cleanup names where issues are found
  • Fix directions on divided roads and ramps

  • Guidelines on meanings of categories are unclear and contradictory - best guesses:
    • ex-US-31/40 (Meridian, Washington, Maryland/Penn/Delaware downtown, Madison/East on south side etc) trunk Primary
    • US 31 north of town: trunk
    • Big radial roads that turn into US highways out of town (MLK/Michigan, Binford, Pendleton Pike, Southeastern, Kentucky, Rockville, 16th/Crawfordsville, Lafayette, etc) primary
    • West Street primary, Other important downtown roads secondary
    • 38th primary
    • Major cross-town N/S and E/W roads generally secondary
    • All ex-highways at least secondary
    • Other arterial roads (usually on section line grid) tertiary