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Ricky Brundritt has been developing with Bing Maps since 2007. With a degree in Physics and Computer Science from the University of Windsor, he enjoys creating elegant solutions to complex problems. Having started out as a consultant for the Bing Maps technical support team, it was here that he began blogging about Bing Maps development as a way to provide answers to commonly asked questions. He quickly moved into a consulting role and spent many years working with some of the largest companies in the world to help them solve their mapping needs. In time his blog became the most widely used technical resource on Bing Maps outside of Microsoft. Being very active on the Bing Maps forums helping developers he eventually became the moderator. Ricky has been a frequent speaker at a number of industry and Microsoft developer events. As a result of his contributions to the Bing Maps development community Ricky was awarded as a Microsoft MVP in 2009 and maintained this status until he took on a role at Microsoft. He co-founded the Bing Maps UK User Group in 2010. Later that year he won a Bing Maps developer contest placing 1st and 3rd having submitted multiple entries and earning himself the title “King of Bing”. Ricky joined the Microsoft team in 2011 as the Bing Map Technical Solution Professional covering the EMEA region. He is a regular contributor to the official Bing Maps blog and is also the Microsoft MVP Lead for Bing Maps. In 2015 Ricky relocated to Bellevue, WA to be a Program Manager on the Bing Maps customer advisory team. He is currently a Senior Program manager on the Bing for Partners team. He leads the development of the Bing Maps V8 web control and continues work with Bing Maps customers daily.

Ricky has worked with the Open Street Map community indirectly for many years. Most recently he has started to contribute to Open Street Maps through the Red Cross tracing building footprints for disaster recovery efforts.

Follow Ricky on Twitter: @rbrundritt