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Contributor from Bamako, Mali



Add Schools of Mali with metadata.

  • 10,156 schools with GPS location.
  • Proper metadata (operator, type, academy, cap, latrines, nb of pupils, etc)
  • Data is relatively recent (2013)
  • Data is almost inexistent in OSM
  • We have a group of people ready to enhance it directly in OSM for Bamako area.
  • We have a couple NGOs in need for this and willing to contribute to.
  • There's apparently no Mali community besides HOT but it's not related to HOT.


  • Data is very simple: only GPS coordinates with metadata.
  • No shapes, no relations, only points.
  • Data is ready.
  • Need to validate some of the data with author.
  • Tested successfuly on Dev Server.

Import Data


Data source site:
Data license:
Type of license: Public Domain (CC0)
ODbL Compliance verified: yes

OSM Data Files

Import Type

  • one-time import
  • using ./ (tested on successfuly)
  • using dedicated account "opendatamali"

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

  • OSM XML files only contains nodes and selected metadata.
  • All files represent ~ 10K nodes for about 10M.
  • Data looks OK in jOSM

Tagging Plans

  • Carefully searched for similar tags in taginfo.
  • Reusing the following tags/values:
    • amenity=school
    • operator_type=community|private_religious|private_laic|public
    • school:first_cycle=yes|no
    • school:second_cycle=yes|no
    • is_in:country=Mali
    • is_in:region=*
    • is_in:cercle=*
    • is_in:commune=*
    • is_in:village=*
    • school:ML:academie=*
    • school:ML:cap=*
    • restaurant=yes|no
    • toilets=yes|no
    • toilets:number=*
    • drinking_water=yes|no
    • drinking_water:type=tap|working_drilling|inexhaustible_well|exhaustible_well (new values!)

Changeset Tags

  • One changeset file per academy (17)
  • Largest file is 1.2M, 1214 nodes.

Data Transformation

Transformation of CSV data to OSM XML is done through a very simple Python script

Team Approach

Solo effort.


  • Generate changeset files (OSM XML) : 17
  • Loop through changeset files
    • upload using
    • check for failed uploads
    • manualy delete/retry erroneous changesets