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about me

I live in Munich, Southern Germany. I work as a sysadmin for a local broadcast company. I started to explore the worlds of NetBSD on an Apple G3 powerbook in 2000 after I got bored by MachTen. I use NetBSD on my laptop and on my workstation at work. I feel pretty comfortable with it. When I am not fighting NetBSD things or updating my packages I enjoy cycling, geocaching or sailing.

about visions

My development focus on NetBSD pkgsrc are the Perl packages. I use NetBSD and Perl as my infrastructure for alot of things especially to process my GPS data. If you ask me, NetBSD and Perl are mature platforms - for, of course, hosting OpenStreetMap.

about openstreetmap

I enjoy geocaching alot and I like my bike - a singlespeed fixie. Usually I spend most of my time outdoors looking for caches or riding my bike. That's the reason why I always carry a GPS receiver with me. I started to do some mapping some years ago, however I want to increase my activity.