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Hello OSMers!

I'm Rhuseinh, you can call me Husein. I stumbled upon OSM in September 2009 and been active mapping Batam Island ever since. I begin tracing Batam Island coastline when it was just a rough trace of 30 something islands & islets displayed as one big piece of land using Landsat Imagery in JOSM and Yahoo! Imagery in Potlatch. I managed to get an old GPX traces from a friend made during his visit to Batam Island in March 2008.


  • Pen and Paper
    Based on the GPX files edited in JOSM and print the Mapnik rendered map after uploaded to OSM I wander the streets of Batam adding POIs.
  • Holux M-241 Datalogger
    Good, inexpensive and reliable Datalogger, pretty much everything I need to do mapping. Using Gebabbel as a frontend GUI for GPSBabel to download the .gpx files to my linux machine and edit it in JOSM.


  • October 2009: The Landsat and Yahoo Imagery resolution is too low that you can not even see man made objects and trace it. After a while I realized that drawing a building while standing on a street in front of it is a bad idea because the dimensions will be very inaccurate. However, if the building's shape is rectangular and three of its side are next to a street I can do a calculated guess and draw it inside JOSM.