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I am from Mumbai, India. I am a map developer and have extensively used mapserver and mapnik for developing maps for many clients. I have exploited rules and definition of making beatiful maps for various cities in India.

My Details:

Education: Bachelors in Technology - Computer Science (2002-2006)


1.Deputy Manager Technology - Maps Development (BIG Maps) - Reliance BIG Entertainment, Mumbai (March'08 till present) 2.Project Manager - Maps Development,Mobiance Technology, Bangalore (Aug'07 to Feb'08) 3.Research Assistant - IIT Bombay, Mumbai. (June'06 to July'07)


Product development in Local Search and Geospatial area from last 3 years.Application Developer and Database Architect, and in a wide variety of products and research applications. Particularly interested in Web 2.0, GIS and Search Engine development efforts. Also, fascinated towards developments in Social Media Marketing.


Building up Web and GIS applications by scratch, developing search engine solutions for large applications and normalizing the large databases. Maps development on Mapnik, Mapserver, Geoserver or any other platform.