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Randal Hale Owner of North River Geographic Systems (

A little about me....So after a 16 year stint in a production mapping environment I jumped ship and started consulting. Shortly after that I discovered OSM through a weird and wild turn of events. I enjoy it - I'm mainly working now in the Chattanooga Area (or wherever I happen to be with a few minutes to spare) trying to improve the map. I've also started an OSM group in town and we're trying to meet with some regularity.

Since I'm running for the board - and everyone has put up some sort of manifesto...Here's mine: Try to bring more people into the community and try to bring more GIS professionals into this community...and keep it fun...and productive...and spread the word a bit more here in the USA.

I actually teach OSM at a school (Red Bank High School). I try to make the kids more spatially aware and try to give them a fun hobby. Some like it - some don't. Overall we've done good things although some do much better work than others. I really need to finalize some sort of work plan for kids in general.

I'm currently trying to learn more about the backend of OSM and a little about what makes it tick and what I can do to spread the word.

So what I am currently:

  • Own a business (see above).
  • Humanitarian OSM Volunteer (just started)
  • GISCorp Volunteer
  • ESRI Certified Trainer
  • Certified Technical Trainer
  • GIS Professional (Yup - I am one)
  • Python programmer Wannabee
  • Co Teach the Overview of Open Source GIS Software for URISA
  • Vice President of Georgia URISA
  • 1st VP of Mid South ASPRS
  • etc...etc....I really try to have a life. I do - I just get sucked up into too much that revolves around the GIS Industry. I enjoy it - but it can be a bit much.