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Who am I?

Hi folks,

I am Roeland Perdaens ... I live in Putte-Kapellen, North of Antwerp and got into GPS's through geocaching.

On Sundays my wife and I like like to participate in organised trips by local walking clubs. They offer various distances and we do between 15 and 20km. This takes me to the small footpaths you otherwise would not discover. I tracked these trips over the last years and published them at Everytrail.

The tracks prior to X-Mas 2009 were made with my eTrex Legend which did not have a SIRF III antenna. Recently I got a new Garmin Dakota 20 - the eTrex went to my daughter for geocaching - and i am very pleased with the accuracy of the readings. WWILFing the geocaching forum I bumped into your project which I like a lot.

I hope to be contributing reviewing maps North of Antwerp, Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands and wherever business travel takes me.