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I am the Neighbourhood Services Coordinator for the City of Warrensburg, Missouri. I do building inspections for existing structures, and community activities focused on building preservation.

My formal education is Urban and Regional Planning with a minor is GIS.

Additionally, I am one of two people with the City that maintain and produce GIS information for the City. I specialized in web and in-the-field mapping.

You can find me at & github.


Structure Footprints 2016-10-23

I would like to import a shapefile of ~7K structure footprints that I personally created from 6-inch ortho that was flown in the Spring of 2016. Attributes/tags included in the OSM file are based upon best practices from the wiki and footprints from the Puget Sound area as a case study.

Addressing is based upon parcel data from the county with some error correcting. Most street names for addressing has been corrected to names used by the city, the city has naming authority, not the county, and some of the county addressing within city limits was incorrect. There are some addressing ambiguities due to poor addressing practices is the past, (having 10th Street and 10th Street Terrace or Maguire Street and Maguire Boulevard) and I have attempted to ensure these were resolved. Some building that were addressed in the past have multiple building numbers which not the practice anymore, in these cases only the low number was assigned to the structure. Subsequent numbers I will leave to be added in at a later date by community at large.

There are a few structural footprints for Warrensburg, Missouri already digitized probably from the older, low-res, Bing orthos. The existing footprints can be found mostly in the university areas, which itself has seen great change since the Bing orthos. I am not certain how to address this changes, where previous editors get credit for their changes and are rewarded with their efforts by being visible. Direction on this subject would be nice.

Imports into JOSM and Merkaartor look promising.

Feature Creation

Base layers used to construct feature layer:

  • 6" orthophotography flown in Spring of 2016 obtained from City of Warrensburg MO Community Development
  • Parcel layer with addressing obtained from Johnson County MO Assessor's Office, Q2 2016

Steps taken:

  • Digitize structure footprints from ortho
Links to the OSM files on Google Drive