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Initial Meeting

  • date and time selected by poll
  • Date: Wednesday, 10 October 2012
  • Time: 1800H UTC
  • Location: #osm-strategic on, or #osm strategic on
  • Attendees: Those wishing to participate in the proposed Welcome Working Group.
  • Duration: 90 minutes.


Participants will introduce themselves briefly, with the skills and participation level they intend to offer to the group.

Example, "My name is Richard and I map in Toronto. I've hosted many OSM events and met many mappers. I will offer approximately one hour per week to WWG tasks, including orgainzation, research, contacting mappers in English, a little python programming and SQL work. I am willing to serve in one group position, provided that every position has a volunteer and a backup."


  • samlarsen1
  • alexbarth
  • RichardF
  • pnorman
  • bfx
  • Komzpa
  • RM87
  • woodpeck
  • yarma
  • MichaelCollinson
  • ajashton
  • lezurdis
  • mackerski
  • simonpoole_
  • rweait


  • Kate (time zone)

Introductions: 10 minutes

WG mission

Proposal: That the proposed WG will accept the following mission statement.

The Welcome Working Group endeavors to quantify and qualify the behaviour of OpenStreetMap contributors through research with the intent of harnessing mapper enthusiasm and promoting best practices in mapping and participation in OpenStreetMap.

Discussion and revision of proposal: 10 minutes

Vote result: mission passed with no objections

Interim WG positions

To be effective this group will have to have sufficient do-ers to do the actions that are planned. Who will step up to serve in the interim WG positions until a formal WG is created? Postions (likely) required:

  • Chair - keep meetings effective
  • list of volunteers
  • Secretary - prepare agenda, record minutes
  • list of volunteers
  • MT contact - attend MT meetings
  • mackerski
  • Board oversight - Board member representative
  • mackerski

We'll also require key positions for the WG, likely including:

  • Scientific method - reduce unitended bias and experimental errors in our research
  • yarma and pnorman
  • Coder(s) - prepare code to record the actions and results of our research (3?)
  • list of volunteers
  • Language / culture experts - write the messages for contacting contributors. (6 of 10 prominent OSM languages?)
  • long list of volunteers.

Participants will volunteer, or be volun-told, for the positions required to make this group effective.


  • (owner) Contact Management Team and request interim approval of WWG

Interim positions may be subject to ratification by Management Team, Board or otherwise.

Proposal to accept interim members and positions of WWG

Vote: Duration 2 minutes

Vote result: interim members passed with no objections. Key positions have no volunteers, including chair and secretary. This group may not be ready to be formally approved.

First experiment

Hypothesis - early contact with new mappers increases mapper engagement.

Previous research

Christian and Komzpa, have done previous outreach to a large group of new users in France. What was the result? What percentage of new users became engaged mappers after contact? What percentage of mappers before this campaign became engaged mappers? Were the effects of early contact measureable? What were the measurable effects?

What other previous research exists? What can we learn from it?

Tasks: assign tasks to find previous research and quantify results.

  • (Komzpa) check own research
  • (yarma) check cquest research
  • (rweait) check SomeoneElse research
  • 16 of 19 new mappers continued to map after contact by local user SomeoneElse.

Next meeting

Set date, time and venue for next meeting

  • Wednesday 17 October 2012
  • 1800 UTC
  • #osm-strategic


No additional tasks were assigned during open discussion.


Proposal: Adjourn until next meeting.

adjourned at 1925 UTC

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