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Tutorials for new mappers

Index of tutorials

List of tutorials for new OSM mappers. Some might like a shorter-form index[1]

How to map a park

Add a park to OSM

What is Mapnik? What is Osamrender?

And why are these terms so confusing? What does Mapnik mean?

How to collect GPS track files

Select and configure a GPS receiver

How to map a group of stores

Map a retail plaza

How to map a restaurant

Add a restaurant POI (Potlatch)

An OpenStreetMap log book

What does a good OSM log book look like?

How to add a bike rack

Add a bike rack POI (Potlatch)

How to add a restaurant POI in JOSM using presets

Add a POI preset (JOSM)

How to make a rally map

How to make a rally map with OSM

How to make an OSM tile server

Make your own OSM tile server tutorial on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. There is also an older, unmaintained version for Ubuntu 8.04Old

How to make a map with your tile server

Make a map with your tile server