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Draft scope of Mapping Event with Nottingham Hackspace.

What you will need

Register with OpenStreetMap at Registering on the night is possible, but it takes time so please do it a couple of days in advance. A laptop computer for editing OpenStreetMap, manipulating data and so on. GPS or a GPS capable Smartphone. (useful, but not essential) Digital Camera or cameraphone. (very useful) Pencil & paper. Dictaphone/videocamera are also useful gadgets. Pictures of things they would like to see on a map or something local to area (local row of shops for instance).

What we will do

A short introduction to OpenStreetMap will be followed by a 45-60 minute walk in the area near Nottingham HackSpace (Sneinton, Lace Market area) to collect information for adding to the map. We hope to have a number of experienced mappers available to accompnay people unfamiliar with OpenStreetMap.

Once back at the Hackspace the session will show how this information can be added to OSM using the on-line editor, Potlatch. This session will concentrate on objects which are fairly simple to add so as to get everyone familiar with the editor and the editing process.

We'll close out with looking at photomapping, and how to map a range of things nominated by participants.