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My personal homepage for more information about me. It's also useful to check out my blog (or just the OpenStreetMap-specific posts) and microblogging stream. Lastly, my contact info page lists ways to contact me.

I go by xjjk on IRC, often idling in:

  • #OSM on OFTC
  • #OpenStreetMap on FreeNode.

OpenStreetMap-related tools

Various tools to which I've written or contributed patches.

  • OpenStreetMap Geolocate — Greasemonkey script (compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Opera) that adds a "Geolocate Me" link next to the search box on Uses your browser's geolocation APIs to center the map to your current location. See also: announcement on my blog.

GIS tools

GPS devices

  • Android phone. Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Qstarz BT-Q1000X

Stupid badges

I hate badges in MediaWiki, but it's occasionally useful for others:

OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name

Twitter user@SamatJain