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Dhaka College; The Statistical Team not only Dynamic

“I will do it. I want to do. I wish I will do it one day…” those sentences are not for this team. There is no place for a single performer. It's a team. Here is not any places for the word ‘I’ without the word ‘We’. They are loves to say “We did it. We had done it.” The team is know that The word ‘We’ is more stronger than ‘I’. But here is a problem is that they don't want to show the team’s work more than they talks. They are a ultimate ghost. No one know them but feels them so much by them’s works.

Missingmaps Leaderboard:

See the top 10 mappers of the missingmaps leaderboard. Here staying the three mappers (red marked).And if you see top 50 you will find more mappers of the team.

Missingmaps Leaderboard.jpg

Mapillary for OSM in Bangladesh:

The team is contributed than 50% mapillary photos.


Not only the statistics are the main issue. They have done all the works with maintaining quality of map data.