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I'm a Singapore based mapper adding as many streets as I can around the Ang Mo Kio area. I am working on getting the main roads in correctly with the links properly done.

My goal is to get this map good enough to create routable maps off it. It is currently far from being good enough for that as many, many routes and their links are poorly implemented in the map. I can sit in front of JOSM for days and days editing one thing after another. It's a lofty goal from where we are now but if others join in and fix their little areas it will happen eventually.

Anyone else in Singapore who sees something wrong with the map or has gps traces and doesn't have the time or knowledge to update it, send me a message and I'll see if I can find the time to update it. Or I will try and guide you on how to get started.

Current Projects:

- Work my way along the CTE correcting all the interchanges to correctly represent them. So far I've done from Mandai Road (SLE) to the Braddell Road intersection.

- Work my way along the Queensway/Farrer/Lornie/Braddel/Bartley Trunk Road correcting all the interchanges. So far I've completed from Macritchie Viaduct to the CTE. There are many complicated junctions along this road.

Once these are done I'll move onto the AYE/ECP and PIE. All the expressways are on the map but many of the interchanges are poorly implemented and I plan to fix them before going onto any other roads.