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About Me

Hello, I am Sege and here you can find a few things you should know about me:


Location: Winklarn, BY, Germany (49.42625222 , 12.48038491)

Profession: student


Computer: IBM Thinkpad T30 running Gentoo Linux

GPS-Equipment: Wintec WBT-201 (Bluetooth GPS Receiver / Logger) , Falcom NaviXT (Bluetooth GPS Receiver)

Work I'am doing

Mapping in the region around Winklarn, mainly in the region of Schoensee, Nabburg, Neunburg and Oberviechtach

Importing the WDB data into OSM. For furhter information, see WikiProject_Import_WDB

Main tracking done with: Mountain-Bike (Tracks upto grade5 and worse :-) )