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Sentil belongs to a niche group of individuals that deal with 'all things geo' everyday. He is a GIS architect with specialization in the ESRI suite of products. He spent the early part of his career designing GIS systems and developing state-of-the-art GIS applications. His increasing interest in business shifted his career into business development and global marketing for GIS products & services. His professional experience traverse through several industries such as renewable energy, health care, transportation, local governments, and utilities.

Sentil's recent interests include cloud GIS and innovative marketing strategies using social media/crowdsourcing trends. He believes that the future ecosystems evolve by interaction of social media, geo-spatial awareness, and environmental consciousness. He closely watches for the adoption and evolution of geospatial data in forms of social media maps/Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) applications.

Sentil is a serial volunteer. He is a volunteer coordinator working on the core team for Crisismappers' Stand By Task Force (SBTF). He coordinates crisis deployment projects, conducts geospatial training sessions, identifies open source tools for data sharing, and outlines future directions for collaboration. He collaborates with Humanitarian Openstreet map Team (HOT) to conduct training sessions for SBTF and build long-term relationship between HOT & SBTF. He is a social media enthusiast and can be reached at LinkedIn & Twitter.

As an animal lover (owner of two dogs & cats), he volunteers for the local animal shelter as a co-founder & the chief web 2.0 strategist at REDlands Friends Of the Shelter Animals (REDFOSA). REDFDOSA is a non-profit initiative in the City of Redlands, CA, to create awareness about the shelter animals for adoption, promote spay/neuter of animals in the community, and provide on-demand volunteer assistance during off-site adoption & fundraiser events for the Redlands animal shelter. Sentil runs an Ushahidi Crowdmap project for the animal shelter.

As a nature lover and outdoorsman, he is a Trail Patrol Volunteer at the San Gorgonia Wilderness Assoication, a non-profit group dedicated to protecting the San Bernardino National Forest (Southern California) including the San Gorgonia wilderness area.

Sentil blogs at Geospatial Buzz. Check out his photography(recent crush) works in his Tumblr page.