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This is a page to document the project to map all water features in the ALDOT West Central Region of Alabama. The project is organized by user asdfjkll on the OpenStreetMap US Tasking Manager.


The project is split into nine phases, each phase covering 1-2 counties, and each phase using one OSMUS task.

Phase # County/Counties Percent Mapped Last Checked Notes
1 Bibb 100% 2021/06/25 Complete: 2021/06/25 [1]
2 Hale/Perry 100% 2022/04/25 Complete: 2022/04/25 [2]
3 Greene/Sumter 0% 2022/04/26 Started: 2022/04/26
4 Tuscaloosa " " "
5 Chilton " " "
6 Pickens/Lamar " " "
7 Walker " " "
8 Fayette " " "
9 Marion/Winston " " "


You may use your editor of choice for this project, however, it is recommended to use JOSM for the extra functionality, and the version of the iD editor available on OSMUS is several versions behind, and may create issues.

Use Bing or Esri Clarity imagery combined with the USGS Topographic maps and the USGS 3D Elevation program for this project. Bing/Esri Imagery should be used to find large bodies of water that are visible, USGS 3D elevation program should be used to precisely map rivers and streams, and USGS Topographic map should be used to trace waterways and input names.

Streams/Rivers that have names as per the USGS Topo layer should have that name affixed to the stream/river way. Longer streams and rivers exceeding 1000 nodes in length should be split up into separate ways <1000 nodes and combined together as part of a relation. If the same stream is already mapped in adjoining cells when you begin mapping in a particular cell, extend the stream from the adjoining cell through your cell as appropriate. If cells adjoining your cell has not been mapped and the stream crosses into the adjoining cell, leave a few extra feet of stream going into the next cell so it will be picked up in the adjacent cell when you or another mapper start mapping that cell.

When a stream crosses a road, add a bridge, culvert, or ford, depending on how the water crosses, most minor streams crossing minor ways are just culverts, while larger rivers crossing more major roads will more likely be a bridge. Culverts and bridges can be discerned from satellite imagery.

To tag a culvert, use:




The USGS 3D elevation program is not available in iD by default, but you can enable it by pasting the following link into the "Custom Imagery" background:

A tile is considered complete when all waterways present on the USGS Map are mapped with the correct name if they have one, and all bodies of water visible on the Bing/Esri Imagery are present.

Bugs Crossing Highway/Waterway warning doesn't activate if the road isn't edited.


Work on this project is discussed in the OpenStreetMap World Discord server, and you can contact me at SherbetS#3100 or asdfjkll at asdfjkll#3479