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As I started Jyväskylä was clean, no nodes, segments, not even points, so I took the honor. Right now I'm searching for other people around Jyväskylä, I know there must be at least one because of new streets popping up, to co-operate with. Dividing areas would help greatly, as would working together with the points.

If you are the person, please contact

Update: Just making it clear: I'm not the person who made Jyväskylä full of nodes and today I started cleaning them up, which may end up a little off because I don't have any saved tracks on the ways. I'd really, REALLY appreciate any help you can give me. Yahoo aerial imaging has pretty good pics of Jyväskylä but as I don't know my way around the java-applet I'm just blind sailing.

My gps-of-choice was a cheap globalsat br-304 from used together with old compaq armada. Not the most portable but good enough. Without power from car it can map for about 3 hours and with inverter as long as i have diesel.

Update (also): Ok, I've now got a e61 and LD-3W (both nokia), so I guess I could start mapping again, but I'm quite busy with my studies. Anyways if there's going to be a mapping event in the neighbouring area (Jyväskylä or Tampere) I'm interested in joining.