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I live in the small village of Castle Hedingham, Essex, UK, and I'm trying to improve the map in this area, editing under my real name of Simon Daw. Work commitments mean that I have relatively little time, but I try to squeeze a bit of mapping in whenever I can; as a cyclist I try to take in routes which will help, and on the way home from work I'll attempt to fit in a quick detour up an unmapped residential street. (I'm expecting to get arrested for something before too long as a result of these little trips, which must look quite odd to the residents!)

So far I have mapped Castle Hedingham, Sible Hedingham, Halstead, Earls Colne, Gosfield, Toppesfield and Wethersfield fairly comprehensively - there are still lots of footpaths to add, and quite a lot of POIs too. I'm steadily chipping away at Tiptree and Coggeshall. I also attempt to tidy up the local roads (on the map, that is...) when cycling; lots of the local roads had not been classified a few months ago, and I've been trying to survey these accurately.

I use mainly a Garmin Edge 705, which I find quite accurate. I've set it to record at 1 second intervals, which is very helpful. I run OSM maps on it, naturally.