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OpenStreetMap's License allows you to utilize geographic data whether its your mobile phone application, a map for your organization's publicity materials, or

and also in unexpected and novel ways.

(Note, Disclaimer: these applications are not officially supported by OpenStreetMap and are independently developed by other entities. (clearly state this software, companies do not equal OSM, they are not owned by OSM; OSM is just the data source).

(link leading you to convert the .OSM data into a different file format...)


- Create Interactive, slippy Maps that allow users to zoom in, out. (embed a slippy map in here)

- Print beautiful, informative maps.

Geographic Analysis

- Wonder how many pubs are within a kilometer (or a mile, haha) with your house ?


(2 - 3 sentences on routing ).

Other Novel Examples

- a picture of the Stamen tights, a line like that the OSM license gives the chance to dream of using geographic data in ways you never thought possible. 

(Other comments: The wiki formatting limits the pleasing design that I'd like to see on this page.