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Mission statement

I seek to improve open street map for recreational planning, navigation, and general reference. I support making public land recreation opportunities more available by improving mapping of campgrounds, trails, roads, waterways, wetlands, and other important physical features that if included on a map serve to better inform and aid in the outdoor experience. I use tools such as open data sources from State and Federal agencies, notably the USFS open data portal and USGS National Map 3DEP image service to aid in geolocating and tagging features. I dabble in OpenHistoricalMap as well, having a keen historical interest in how humans have used the landscape over time. My focus on mapping is primarily on rural areas and those important features such as mapping houses in low density areas and remote areas to add in emergency planning and response, and quantify the amount of rural development to track and assess urbanization. I also like to map power lines, ditches, improve wetlands and stream networks.

On Abandoned railroads

From a historical perspective and interest in past transportation systems, I like to map abandoned railroads, with a focus on logging railroads. Though primarily a historical feature, much physical evidence remains of abandoned railroads such as the cuts or raised bed with remaining ballast that holds much potential for outdoor recreation development such as motorized trail or bicycle (rail trail) use. Many of the National Forests have significant abandoned rail lengths, some of which have been identified and converted to trail, but many more miles could be potentially be added if inventoried and assessed for recreational value such as greater connectivity, suitability for type of recreation, and user safety.

Geographic focus

I believe the Wiki is an important tool to coordinate, track, and inform users as to best practices, strategies, and available resources. I am active on the US state of Michigan page, particularly on the Michigan/Parks and Michigan/Trails subpages to identify future additions to OSM and report needed edits, and progress. I am also starting more work in the Louisiana on the Kisatchie National Forest where I have identified a great need to improve road and trail mapping, with many missing recreational features and alignment of existing features very poor. And if I happen to find abandoned logging railroads, I add those as well.