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Environmental Scientist finishing up my graduate work in Environmental Science, Hydro-meteorology, and GIS at Iowa State University in Ames, IA. I've always been a map enthusiast, and have found the Open Street Map project to be the latest outlet for this.

Current Projects

I generally work on areas in Iowa, particularly major highways that appear to be improperly labeled from the TIGER update. Recently I have been working to upgrade all Iowa 4-lane divided, non-limited access highways into "trunk" highways in the OpenStreetMap database. I have also been adding new roads that have been added since the creation of the TIGER data.

I use the data from the OpenStreetMap project as road shapefiles in ArcGIS and also in weather-related programs for storm chasers. Data from the OSM database is rendered into statewide shapefiles by Cloudmade Productions on a semi-regular basis. I have created a model in ArcGIS that combines all the central United States shapefiles into one massive file, and then clips the roads from the file by specified National Weather Service radar site. The result of this process can be found on my Gibson Ridge Software Shapefile Page.

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