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I am Project Coordinator of another related project, TeamSurv (see [1]).

At TeamSurv we are concentrating on crowd sourcing of depth/bathymetry data, and in accurate processing of that data corrected for variations in sea level etc.

Our members log data from both their GPS and their depth sounder using one of three methods: - Our data logging software, SmartLog for Windows. This is designed for simultaneous operation with any chart plottiong software that they may have - Our hardware data loggers. These are dual channel NMEA0183 data loggers, writing data to a USB memory stick. For sale as a commercial product, they are also available on free of charge loan to those logging data in our trial areas, and at a discounted price to those logging data in other areas. - If they use a chart plotter that can log their NMEA0183 data, then they can use this to log data.

Data is logged, and then uploaded to the web site once ashore, where it is made available for display, and also processed for sea level corrections etc.

Why not come and join us? Our project is complementary to OpenSeaMap, as OSM does not at present offer a means of recording and correcting depth data.