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Long time mapper currently living on the Isle of Anglesey, Wales.

Cycle paths

In the UK, almost all cycleways permit pedestrian usage. You therefore do not need to add a foot=* access tag unless pedestrian use is expressly forbidden.

Image Description Path at roadside Path separate from road
UK traffic sign 956.svg
Shared cycle/pedestrian path highway=??; cycleway=track; segregated=no highway=cycleway;segregated=no
UK traffic sign 957.svg

UK traffic sign 957R.svg
Segregated cycle/pedestrian path highway=??; cycleway=track; segregated=yes highway=cycleway; segregated=yes
UK traffic sign 955.svg
Cycle only path
highway=??; cycleway=track; foot=no highway=cycleway; foot=no

Please note: when using highway=cycleway, omitting the surface=* tag implies it is paved and when using highway=path, omitting the surface=* tag implies it is unpaved.

See also: Cycle routes, Bicycle, cycleway=*.