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About me
OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
Stéphane Péchard.
JOSM Spechard submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
Firefox Spechard préfère
Mozilla Firefox.
Debian-logo-notext.svg Spechard uses a Debian-based computer.
osm traces carte
Pays France
Région Pays de la Loire
Département Loire-Atlantique
Ville Nantes

My OSM id is Stéphane Péchard.

Mapping contributions

Open projects

  • river Sarthe from Sainte-Jamme-sur-Sarthe to Allonnes, without any tributaries
  • draw most (95%) of the Chantepie buildings
  • edited most (99.9%) of the Sainte-Jamme-sur-Sarthe area -- still in progress (around 40% done)

Closed projects

  • river Maine -- needs to be checked by another mapper

Projects in mind

Import bâti

  • Sautron (44)

Software contributions


I wrote a script which fetch your changesets to generate statistics for individual users. More details:

Tags I'm looking for (propositions are welcomed)

  • shop=photographer
  • amenity=assurance_company (ex: Groupama)
  • shop/amenity=funeral_home (pompes funèbres)