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I live in Berkeley, California.

Mappingwise, I've mostly worked on the Berkeley-Richmond area and the northern third or so of California.

  • The exits to I-80 and I-580 north of the Maze, and most of US 101 from SF to Oregon
  • I've also worked on the Berkeley hills pathways, and on tagging/fixing major highways throughout the state.
  • Visited Alameda during the Oakland mapping party (with a few other folks) and added the Park Ave shops/restaurants.
  • Berkeley Mapping party: Pathways in John Hinkel park, Codornices Park, some of the ones in Berkeley Rose Garden
  • I've added a few national forests (there are more left to do), tracing from USGS topo maps (see topo WMS below)
  • I'm a compulsive tracer/rectifier -- so many poorly-aligned roads in Tiger, so little time...


(thanks Beej71!): use these WMS sources for data from USGS (public domain topo and urban photo, same as Yahoo maps' most-zoomed-in layer) from Terraserver. Full resolution on urban aerial photos is at scale = 30m in JOSM. (Any more zoomed in will give an error; you will need to be much more zoomed out to get the topo maps, as they are much lower resoultion) The topo maps should cover the whole U.S. (but at least one is missing, Shubrick peak in Humboldt county). The aerial photos are not available everywhere, unfortunately; only certain urban areas and their surrounds (including most of the Bay Area, and a separate big chunk around Sacramento). Topo
wmsplugin.url.3.url= Urban

Check the directions tool on cloudmade to see if things are sane in your neighborhood as viewed by routing software (it's helpful for finding wrong-way or accidentally-oneway roads and gaps in routes.)