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I have been contributing to OSM since mid 2008. I'm a member of the Foundation.

I have a Garmin eTrex 20 (and an iPhone, but the Garmin is much more accurate).

For editing I use JOSM on Ubuntu. mapper


Filling in gaps and detail wherever I happen to be.

  • Lots of detail work in and near Coventry where I am based
  • Various holiday edits between the south of Spain and the north of England
  • I was the first mapper in Barnard Castle (County Durham) and Sitges (Spain)
  • I am interested in commercial use of OSM and wrote the License/Use_Cases page
  • I was a member of the team which ran State of the Map 2013


I am a software developer with a PhD in computing science. I have been a supporter of the open source movement since going to a talk by Richard Stallman in 1988. Right now I am involved with a software start-up company specialising in the display of maps and marine charts.

I attended the State of the Map in Limerick (where I nearly broke my leg), Amsterdam, Girona, Tokyo (where I helped count the OSMF-board votes), SotM Scotland 2012, SotM-US 2013 and helped organise SotM 2013 in Birmingham.

JOSM Spiffy submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.